20 Hidden Health Benefits of Ginger

You probably know a dash of ginger in your Vietnamese soup or Indian curry is going to make the end product delicious, but did you know that ginger offers a lot more than flavor to your food? Once you’re done reading this list, you’ll definitely always want to keep your kitchen stocked with this vegetable that is full of health properties!

Improves Bad Breath

Bad breath is definitely not something anyone ever wishes to have. And it can be difficult for some people to get rid of it fully even if they do all the right things like brush, floss, etc. Luckily, ginger is a great remedy for this problem.

Encourages Appetite

While most people have trouble losing weight, others have a problem with weighing less than they should. This can be due to a lot of reasons, but one of the best ways to gain weight is by eating more food (the nutritious kind, of course). Ginger can be helpful here as it stimulates hunger and helps your body process food better.

Assists Morning Sickness

Any woman who is or has been pregnant will tell you what a joy morning sickness is (that’s sarcasm, by the way). Well, these ladies will also tell you that one of the best ways to curb this problem is with the use of ginger (in the form of tea, pill, etc.)

Relaxing Muscles

Your muscles take the brunt of your physical activity, so they can get quite sore after increased physical activity. On the other hand, living a sedentary lifestyle (like working an office job with no exercise) can also take its toll in them. Ginger is a great way to refresh and rejuvenate your muscles.

Expand Desires

If you’re having some trouble getting things going in the bedroom, consider adding more ginger to your food. We know it sounds a bit bizarre but since it can stimulate your muscles and give you more energy, it may also increase your sexual desire.

Mends Frostbite

Frostbite doesn’t sound that bad – until you experience it. Thankfully, ginger can be a great catalyst in speeding up the healing process as it enhances blood circulation.

Enhances Circulation

Speaking of proper blood circulation, a lack of which can lead to a bunch of health problems, ginger is your friend when it comes to hitting the right balance. As a result, you’ll feel healthier, more energetic, and ready to take on life!

Weight Loss

Just as ginger can be used in the right way to gain weight, it can be used to lose some as well. If you maintain good self-control, balance your diet and start exercising, a glass of ginger tea daily can help speed the process up. And afterward, it’ll help you keep those pounds off!

Opens Inflamed Airways

Having trouble breathing is definitely no fun – be it something chronic like asthma or a one-time thing like a seriously clogged nose caused by a bad cold. Ginger might not help cure these conditions entirely, but it will help you breathe a lot better by reducing inflammation and clearing your airways.

Lessens Arthritis Inflammation

Another illness that can be made easier to endure with the help of ginger is arthritis. This is due to it’s anti-inflammatory practices, as this illness is mainly caused by joint inflammations.

Manage Glucose Level

Adding to the list of diseases that ginger can help make more tolerable is diabetes. This is because it helps the body maintain a stable glucose level. It can also help with other illnesses where blood sugar levels are affected.

Resolve Gas Issues

You know that uncomfortable sensation you get after a particularly heavy meal? That’s gas! It can make you feel bloated, make your stomach hurt, or your chest feel tight. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get rid of this feeling is with a cup of hot ginger tea. Making it a routine will help prevent gas in the future as well.

Stops Heartburn

One of the best ways to reduces heartburn – also known as acidity- is through the use of ginger. This is the reason why traditional Asian recipes use a lot of it. In fact, even in this modern age, ginger is more commonly recommended over medicine as a cure for heartburn.

Prevents Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is an illness that develops in older people, causing a loss of cerebral nerves in charge of everything from memory and understanding to motor skills. One of the best ways to start fighting against this disease from an early age – especially if it runs in your family’s history – is to eat more ginger.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is actually a lot more common than most people are aware of. It can cause a lot of pain and discomfort if its isn’t taken care of. And of course, ginger is a great way to help you fight against it – be it in the form of adding it into your cooking, or through a supplement or pill.

Help in Absorption

If your body isn’t able to properly absorb all the nutrients from the food you eat, it won’t matter how healthy the food you eat is, you won’t be benefiting from it! Ginger is a great thing to add to your food because it will help your body harness all the good properties from everything else you eat as well.

Clear Sinuses

Some of us are just naturally inclined to catch a cold more often than others. And those like me will tell you what a pain it is to deal with clogged sinuses. Of course, ginger can help you in this area as well!

Pain Relief

Ginger is a great helper when it comes to regulating hormone levels in your body, which is why it is great for pain relief as well. If you’re someone that feels tired even as you wake up in the morning, start your day with a cup of ginger tea and it’ll put that spring back in your step.

Stop Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is an annoying issue that can cause a lot problems because there probably isn’t a day when you won’t have to be in a car, bus, train, etc. Have a little ginger candy on hand to pop in your mouth in these situations and it’ll make a world of a difference.

Fights Cancer

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the world, and ginger can help you prevent it. Apparently, the properties in ginger can literally cause cancerous cells to self-destruct. If that isn’t enough convincing to get you to start eating more ginger, we don’t know what it is!

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