Do You Know What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Mangoes Every Day?

Mangoes are one of the most delicious fruits in the world, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone that disliked them. Thankfully, you can now get them in most parts of the world easily, and they can be eaten raw, blended into a smoothie, or added into dishes for a unique sweet and sour zing.

Eating a ripe, juicy mango gives you all the feels of sitting beachside in a tropical paradise, sipping on a fresh smoothie, but you are also getting a whole load of other benefits health wise. Eating a mango every day is going to provide you with a rich and steady source of vitamins and minerals that help you in several areas of your health and lifestyle. Let’s explore some of them further; keep reading!

1. Lower Risk of Cancer

Mangoes are a fruit rich in antioxidants, in particular, a substance called polyphenols. Although the levels of antioxidants in mangoes are not as high as acai berries or blueberries, researchers still found the fruit to have a significant effect of suppressing cancer cells. It was particularly effective in reducing the risk of cancer in areas like the lungs, prostate, colon, breast, and blood.

2. Prevents Dehydration & Increases Heart Health

Abundant in the likes of vitamin C, fiber, and pectin, mangoes are great for your heart health. This is because a combination of these three have been effective in reducing serum cholesterol levels. But dehydration also plays a big part in how healthy your clicker is. In fact, it is one of the major drivers of high cholesterol.

A lack of proper hydration forces your body to increase cholesterol production in a ploy to keep cell membranes and tissues pliable enough to efficiently convert nutrients to waste. If you’re dehydrated, the volume and rate of blood flow may also be reduced, which would further increase the accumulation of cholesterol in your arteries. Since mangoes contain not only a large amount of water, but also potassium – a major player in the potassium-sodium balance that is crucial in how our bodies utilize water- they surely contribute to keeping you hydrated.

3. A Better Digestive System

Probiotics, often known as non-digestible foods that are what pro-biotics feed on, are beneficial to the growth of good bacteria. Since mangoes are full of prebiotic dietary fiber, they are very good for your gut health. Furthermore, mangoes are also rich in vitamins and minerals that aid the process of breaking down protein during digestion.

As an added perk, mangoes help keep you feeling fuller for longer, which in addition to a proper digestive process may help you stave off unhealthy cravings and lose some weight in the long run.

4. Spicier Sex Life

Mangoes may give you the easy, breezy, tropical vibe, which sounds romantic and a little bit sexy, but it doesn’t all have to be in your mind. Mangoes are a rich source of vitamin E, which is not only great for your skin but is also known to regulate sex hormone and increase your libido.

Vitamin E has also been proven to increase the sperm count in men. That’s not all, because it also helps their swimmers, well, swim faster. This is particularly beneficial for couples who are trying to get pregnant, so ladies, don’t forget to stock up on mangoes when your ovulation is getting closer!

5. Stronger Immunity

Mangoes are superfoods that are chock full of healthiness, among which are vitamin C, vitamin A, and an approximate of 25 different carotenoid antioxidants. Not only are these a powerful combination that keeps your immune system in top-notch condition, but they also work together to neutralize free radicals and prevent cellular damage, which could have led to other diseases.

A mango a day isn’t just going to help prevent you from catching anything that’s going around, but also to fight against a disease or infection if you do happen to catch one.

6. Better Focus, Concentration and Memory

In this day and age, a lot of us find it difficult to keep our minds refreshed and focused throughout the day. Eating a mango per day can help you in this department. This is in particular because of something called glutamic acid that is present in mangoes. It is an alpha-amino acid associated with brain support, and it also functions as a neurotransmitter that is crucial for many of the brain’s functions.

A mango can be a great bedtime snack as it will help you wake up with a refreshed and focused mind. And if you feel your thoughts slipping mid-day, mangoes are a great snack for people of all ages. This is because they have been known to boost concentration and memory in both children and adults.

7. Lower Anemia Risk

Anemia, also sometimes known as iron deficiency, is a condition where the body experiences a reduction in red blood cell count and the blood has an impaired ability to carry oxygen. Anemia can cause a whole load of side effects, including headaches, fatigue, dizziness, etc.

Since a lack of iron in your system is the main cause of anemia, mangoes are an especially excellent addition to your daily diet. This especially for vegetarians, as they lack a very big source of iron in their diets, red meat. Women, especially pregnant or post-menopausal, are also more prone to anemia. Since iron supplements can cause constipation, a major side effect of both of these conditions already, mangoes are a much better alternative thanks to their high fiber content.

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