12 “Fashion” Trends That Need to Go Away Immediately

Look, fashion is something that is personal, we get it. But, even with that in mind, there just seem to be some of these “trends” that are taking it far beyond a point than it needs to go. Trying to make something new work just for the sake of being unique or different even when it clearly doesn’t look god doesn’t just make you seem cool – it just makes you look like you’re trying too hard (and failing).

Here are some of the worst offenders of them all. These 12 “fashion” trends either need to go away immediately and never come back.

1. Squiggly, Barbed, Braided Eyebrows

If you’ve never heard of the squiggly eyebrow trend, congrats, you’ve probably been doing a lot more productive things that actually make your life better. This trend started at the end of 2017 and seems to still be popping up until now. I just have one question; what in the world are braided eyebrows and how does one have the time or energy to do that?

2. Bike Shorts

Let’s save those bike shorts for the occasions for which they were intended, yeah? If you’re not about to go cycling, leave the bike shorts at home! This fashion trend might have looked semi-good on a select few people with picture-perfect bodies, but for most of us regular folk – just no.

3. Bubble Nails

If your nails looked like that, you should be rushing yourself to the doctor, not posting them on insta. Not only do they not look cool, someone might even mistake them for an actual disease. Yikes!

4. Ugly Sneakers

It says it right there in the name, so why anyone would want to claim that these are “trendy” is beyond me! It seems to me like some top designer messed up, and then just told everyone that they were meant to look that hideous to make a “fashion statement”. Don’t fall for it, folks, these ugly sneakers are just ugly, and nothing else.

5. (Excessively) Ripped/Distressed Jeans

OK, so even I’ve been a fan of the ripped or distressed jean trend at one point in my life. I mean, they make you look like you didn’t really put much effort but also look fabulous. But when there seems to be more rip than actual jean itself, that’s where I draw the line. Sorry, but these don’t look cool or edgy – just like you’re homeless.

6. The Blogger Coat

This trend is named so because we have those fashion bloggers to thank for it. You know that time you saw some pretentious chick with a trench coat over her shoulders, sleeves flailing loosely and thought “what the hell?” Yeah, that’s the one we’re talking about. This trend does not look cool, but it’s worst offense is that it is not practical at all!

7. Clear Shoes

These abominations that parade around as fashionable footwear need to get out of here immediately. Not only do these clear, plastic transparent footwear look ugly, they look like they’d be really uncomfortable to wear as well.

8. Leggings as Pants

Come on, we can do a lot better. Leggings are meant to be worn underneath other clothing, like a short skirt. When you wear them on their own, you run the risk of putting your underwear (or the fact that you’re not wearing any) on display. No one wants that!

9. Excessive Nail Art

Yes, we’re mentioning nails again, because this belongs on the list as much as the previous nail offense. Nail art can be something cute, elegant, or creative when it’s done right. But when you take it a step too far, it just looks tacky. Your nails are not meant to be studded with jewels or accessorized excessively. Keep it simple, classy, and elegant, or leave them bare for the love of everything good!

10. Jeans with Too Many Zippers

There should just be one zipper on your jeans, and that’s the one that is necessary to get in and out of it. Zippers placed in unnecessary places are just way too tacky. And don’t get me started on those ones where the zipper goes down the middle all the way around. *Shudder*

11. Bumbags

There was a time when we would be embarrassed by our very uncool parents or grandparents strapping one of these around their waist at the airport, but these days, these bumbags have been made “trendy”. And apparently, they can be worn not just around the waist, but how ever you see fit. SMH.

12. Track Pants with Heels

What is with this trend? Are you really that confused as to whether you’re going jogging or out on a fancy dinner? Are you doing both and are too lazy to change in between? These two pieces of clothing are the exact opposite of each other, so why in the world would someone think to combine the two of them?

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