8 Ridiculous Reality Shows That Make You Question Humanity

Television is one of the biggest blessings and curses of the modern world. While there are so many good things being portrayed, so many amazing stories being told, and information being provided, on TV, it also has a dark side. On this side, we see bad-quality shows, fake news, gossip, and more. And let’s not forget those reality shows.

Let’s be clear here, we’re not knocking on all reality shows, because there have been some amazing ones. Shows like American Idol and X Factor have given countless rising stars the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world.

And then there are those reality shows that are so ridiculous that you can’t imagine what the producers were smoking when they came up with the idea! Here are the worst offenders of the reality TV genre; those ridiculous shows that make you question everything you know.

1. The Swan

It’s not enough that women are made to feel unattractive and like they need to change their appearance in everyday life, this show took it to a whole other ghastly level!

“The Swan” gathered up a bunch of women who were considered “ugly” and gave them extreme makeovers, cosmetic surgeries, etc. They also could not look at themselves in the mirror during the whole process which took months. At the end, they were made to participate in a “Swan pageant” to flaunt their now “beautiful” selves. SMH.

2. There’s Something About Miriam

If you thought The Bachelor was ridiculous, you ain’t seen nothing yet! This show had Miriam, the girl in the title, date 6 men for some time before revealing to them she was transgender.

Now, if you’re a transgender person or attracted to transgender people, there’s nothing wrong with that. The issue is when you lie to 6 men and put them on TV. Unsurprisingly, all 6 men filed lawsuits against the producers and accused them of a conspiracy to commit sexual assault. All it did was portray trans people in the wrong light, and it got plenty of negative press for it.

3. Born in the Wild

This horrendous TV show had the ridiculous concept of documenting pregnant couple who “chose” to give birth in a more “natural” setting, which was the woods! Giving birth during pre-modern times was a harrowing and dangerous experience, so we don’t understand why anyone would choose to replicate it in today’s world of advanced medicine.

Having a home birth in a safe and well-planned setting is one thing, but this is wholly different ball park. When the climax of the show is viewers wondering if the mother and baby will survive, you know its fifty different shades of WRONG!

4. I Wanna Marry Harry

Prince Harry might be engaged now, but this reality show got made back when he was single. It was a dating show where some women from USA were flown to the UK to compete and become Prince Harry’s girlfriend.

The only problem? The man they were told was Prince Harry was actually an imposter. Shocking, right? (Not really.) Even when some of the women figured out he was a phony, they were convinced by the producers and a fake “therapist” that they were just being paranoid!

5. Bridalplasty

Every bride-to-be’s dream is to choose the ideal venue, pick the right date, find the perfect dress… get plastic surgery?

This shocking reality show pit a bunch of brides-to-be together to compete and win an opportunity to get plastic surgery before their nuptials. They were each supposed to draw up a “wish-list” of all the procedures they’d like to get done before coming on the show.

6. Game2: Winter

This is one of the most dangerous reality shows to ever be made. 30 contestants were challenged to survive the Siberian wilderness in sub-zero temperatures (-30C), even having to fight of wild animals like bears and wolves. Producers even boasted that rape and murder were all game.

Who doesn’t want to watch The Hunger Games in real life, only way worse?

7. Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire?

This FOX reality show had women competing to become the bride of “multi-millionaire” Rick Rockwell. The reality though, was that the eligible bachelor wasn’t exactly as big of a prize as they made it out to be. They extremely overstated his worth, and he had a restraining order against him. Winner Darva Conger got an annulment from only two weeks after their glitzy wedding. What a fail!

8. Trading Spouses

Have you ever looked at your spouse and thought “Why does she always have to be this way, can’t she be different for once in her life?” Well, you’re in luck because your wishes can come true through this FOX reality show.

Trading spouses is exactly what it sounds like. Women from drastically different backgrounds are made to trade places and there’s probably no need to mention how ridiculous and hilarious the results were! Some examples of people who traded places were vegans and gator ranchers, Wiccans and evangelical Christians, etc.

I guess my only question is, “Who would be stupid enough to go on this show?”

9. Playing It Straight

This ridiculous show was based on a premise where a woman dates a bunch of men in an attempt to find the one. So, basically “The Bachelorette”.

But wait, there’s a catch! Only half the men are actually straight, the other half are gay pretending to be straight. The woman only gets to know if she picked the right guy at the very end.

Seriously, the more we go through this list, the more the “The Bachelor” starts to seem Oscar-worthy.

10. The Anna Nicole Show

This show followed former Playboy Playmate Anna Nicole Smith after the death of her millionaire husband. The show’s tag line was “It’s not supposed to be funny. It just is”. In reality, the show aimed to be funny and ended up exploiting the woman who was severely troubled and addicted to drugs. She would often appear confused or slurring her words. Anna Smith later died of an overdose just 4 years after the show aired.

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