12 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

Car owners know how much of a hassle it is to regularly clean their vehicles, especially because it can be unnecessarily expensive. Professional car cleaners charge exorbitant prices, and even if you resort to do-it-yourself, you have to buy expensive cleaning products.

But what if we told you don’t have to worry about any of that anymore? There are so many natural, low-cost methods of cleaning your car that’ll make the whole process a breeze. As a bonus, you’ll also save tons of money! Keep reading to find out what these fabulous car cleaning hacks are:

Foam Vents = $1 Foam Brushes

These foam brushes are lifesavers when it comes to cleaning air vents because they can easily get rid of any dirt lodged into the nooks and crannies of the vent. The best part? You can get them at any supermarket for less than a $1! Just make sure to dust beforehand and then vacuum to finish off.

Toothpaste for Teeth & Headlights!

You don’t need to buy any fancy cleaner to make sure your headlight covers are shining like they’re brand new if you’ve got some good old toothpaste! Just dab some toothpaste on the lens, scrub thoroughly and then rinse off with water before drying them. Make sure to use non-gel toothpaste for the best results.

Coffee Filters for Car Interior

If the interior of your car is made of the kind of material that is prone to lint, simply dusting is not enough to clean it thoroughly. This is where the humble coffee filter comes to play. Since it’s made with lint-free features, the dust will stick to the filter easily. You can also clean the entire interior of your car this way.

Homemade Carpet Cleaner

Getting rid of those stubborn stains on the carpets of your car can be a real challenge. Before you resort to buying a fancy carpet cleaner, give this simple 2-ingredient homemade carpet cleaner a try (surprise: one of the ingredients is just water!). Just mix 1/3 measure of hydrogen peroxide with 2/3 measures of water and voila! This is another hack that’ll cost you less than $1 and is also good enough for multiple uses!

Floor Mats Cleaning Hack

You don’t need to spend your hard-earned money on a car detailer, because you can simply do it yourself for much cheaper and get the same results. For this hack, you’ll use the homemade stain remover we mentioned previously that’s made with water and hydrogen peroxide to help loosen tough stains. Then all you have to do is simply throw them in the wash with detergent on a gentle cycle.

Bunch of Bunched Up Newspaper

Got a stack of old newspapers lying around in the back of your broom closet? You can put them to good use by cleaning your car windows with them. Just get any inexpensive regular window cleaner and spray the windows with it. Then simply ball up a bunch of newspaper and scrub away. Soon, you can say bye-bye to dirty windows!

WD-40 Helps Remove Stubborn Stickers

Tired of that bumper sticker you thought was so cool back when you pasted it on? The thought of removing it might give you anxiety, given that the sticky glue they come with is prone to peeling off car paint. Well, you don’t have to worry about any of that with WD-40. Just spray a bit of the stuff on the sticker, wait for it soak it all up and then simply peel it off.

Get Rid of Pet Hairs

Dog and cat owners know how frustrating it is to get pet hairs off their car seats. Even vacuuming doesn’t seem to be enough to get rid of all the hairs completely! With this hack, you won’t have to worry about riding with your beloved pet anymore, and all it requires is a spray bottle filled with water and a good old squeegee. Simply spray the seats with water and squeegee all the hair away

Olive Oil Buffer

You can get the interior of your car looking shiny like the day you bought it home with this super simple hack. All you need is a bit of olive oil from your kitchen pantry. Dab a bit of the oil onto a clean washcloth and rub the interior of your car (the seats, dashboard, etc.) in circles to polish them.

Baking Soda Deodorant

Over a period of time, your car may develop a foul scent, especially if you live in hot climates. Odors from sweaty clothes, food, pets, etc. can really build up! Car air fresheners can help your car smell nice, but they aren’t very effective in getting rid of all the unpleasant smells that already exist.

For this, you’ll need good old baking soda. Just spread it all over your car seats and let it sit for several hours before vacuuming clean. The baking soda will suck up all the odors in your car and leave it smelling fresh and clean.

Magic Eraser To The Rescue!

Stains and scratches on your car’s vinyl and leather seats can really make it seem unkempt. One of the ways you can fix this is by raiding your school-going child’s stationery supply for a magic eraser. Simply wet the eraser and use it to scrub the spots off gently.

Another hack that you can use to clean vinyl and leather is by using a mixture of ¼ cup of olive oil and ¼ cup of white vinegar, Rub this mixture on the seats and gently wipe away with a rag.

DIY Tire Cleaner

This is a super simple hack to clean your car’s tires. All you need is ½ cup of baking soda, 2 cups warm water, and 1 tablespoon of Dawn dish soap. Simply combine all the ingredients together and use it as a tire cleaner. First, spray your wheels with water, then use a scrub to dip into the DIY cleaner and scrub away. Rinse the tires off starting from top to bottom and then let them dry.

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