10 Foods You Should Never Put in the Freezer

Refrigeration is a godsend of a modern invention. It helps us keep food fresh for longer, and saves us from wasting leftover food which would otherwise have to be thrown away. We also tend to buy large amounts of food in advance, given our busy schedules, and store them in the fridge.
However, the common misconception is that if you stick it in the freezer, it’ll last even longer.

But contrary to popular belief, certain types of food won’t respond well to such cold temperatures, and therefore, must not be placed in the freezer. Other types of food may need special attention and care before being frozen. Here are some foods that you must take care before freezing and some that best kept away from the freezer:

Dairy Products

Dairy products tend to extrude a lot of moisture and become watery when they are stored in the freezer. If they have a fat content higher than 40%, then it is alright to place them in the freezer, but only in their original containers and if they are unopened. Once they are opened, it is best to store them in the refrigerator section and use them up as quickly as possible.

Raw Potatoes

Potatoes tend to turn dark brown or black when they are stored in the freezer. The best way to preserve them for long periods of time is to cook and puree them. Potato puree can be frozen for up to 4-6 months, so if you need to stock up on some baby food or save yourself some time during a dinner party or the holidays, this Is a great do-ahead option for you!


Eggs are best stored at room temperature, or if you must refrigerate them, keep them away from the icy cold depths of the freezer! Freezing them can cause the egg yolk to go gummy and disgusting when they thaw. And if you freeze them in the shell, there is a possibility that the shell cracks, as raw eggs tend to swell when frozen.

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