7 Bedtime Habits That Help You Get Thinner

What do you think are the best ways to lose weight without putting in too much effort? Walking every day? Taking the stairs instead of the lift? Well, how about… sleeping?

Believe it or not, your body has the capacity to burn up to 300-400 calories every night while you sleep. This would be equal to the number of calories you’d lose on an hour-long walk! That sounds like the easiest weight loss strategy on the planet! But in order to maximize the number of calories lost and boost your metabolism at night, there are certain conditions that you need to take care of. Read on to find out what those 7 bedtime habits that can help you slim down are.

1. Get Chilly

You may already know that your body burns a lot of calories trying to keep you feeling warm. According to sleep experts, a room temperature of about 18°C (64.4°F) during sleep hours is the ideal atmosphere to boost metabolism, while ensuring you’re still comfortable. Of course, the lower you go, the better! Cooler temperatures activate the beige fat cells in your body that are responsible for thermoregulation, so sleeping in a cold room or even sleeping naked forces your body to work harder to maintain heat.

2. Drink Grape Juice

A component of grape juice, known as resveratrol, is effective in transforming bad white fat in your body into beige fat. Since we already know that beige fat is what your body uses to keep you warm, this is certainly a better alternative to having excess grease stored in your body since it will burn away during sleeping hours. So, chug that cup of grape juice before bed! But make sure its the fresh kind or free of sugar to limit unnecessary calorie intake.

3. Have Fixed Sleeping & Waking Times

Consistency is the key to many things in our lives, and that applies to our sleep as well. According to several sleep studies, an inconsistent sleep schedule can lead to several negative consequences, including excessive weight gain.

The hormone melatonin is what signals to our body that it’s night-night time. It also aids in the activation of beige fat cells that are responsible for calorie-burning. With unregulated sleep timings, melatonin production is hindered, resulting in a poor quality of sleep. Not only will you not burn as many calories overnight, feeling groggy in the morning may prompt you to turn to caffeinated drinks, high-calorie foods, processed foods, sugary foods, etc. That’s why it’s best to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every single day!

4. Put the Tech Away

So, we know that melatonin is what helps us sleep. Similar to how an unregulated sleep schedule messes with the hormone’s production, excessive blue light that is emitted from our smart devices have been proven to have the same effect. This makes it harder for you to fall asleep, resulting in less sleeping hours.

The best course of action would be to put away the technology at least 2 hours before bedtime. If you absolutely must use your gadgets, make sure to turn on blue light filters – these are effective to a certain extent. Instead, pick up a book and just let the melatonin do its work!

5. Have a Protein Snack

You’ve always been told that snacking before bedtime is a big no-no, but the truth is, it can actually help you sleep better – if you do it the right way! In fact, the best pre-bedtime snacks are those that are high in protein. For example, you could have some Greek yogurt, peanut butter, nuts, low-fat cottage cheese, or even certain meats like lean turkey. These will help boost your metabolism and aid in muscle growth as you are deep in slumber.


6. Exercise Before Bed

Exercising before going to bed can be the best solution to not only boosting your metabolism but also an ideal stress buster. Plus, it tires you out so you’re ready to hit the sack! The great thing about exercising before bedtime is that the calorie-burning that it stimulates continues well past the minute they stop working out and into the night.

You could choose to incorporate some cardio or aerobic workouts into your pre-bedtime routine, try weight-lifting or go for a swim. If you’re focused on burning fat, resistance training maybe your best option.

7. Drink Herbal Tea

Let’s get one thing straight: steer clear of those “diet” teas that claim to help you lose weight overnight – they do not work! On the other hand, certain types of natural herbal teas can give you a range of health benefits from promoting sleep quality to helping burn more calories.

Drinking cinnamon tea will help prevent inflammation, which keeps you from feeling bloated in the morning. Peppermint tea can help combat late-night snack cravings by curbing your appetite. And if you’re looking for a digestion aid, chamomile tea could be your best option – it even helps relax your nerves, which ensures that you have a peaceful night of sleep!

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