Six Celebs Who Were Pick-Up Items Before Hitting Hollywood

You may not be knowing, or rather may be surprised after learning these great and famous actors were pick-up items before hitting the limelight world. It is evident one can climb from extreme bottom to the top by overcoming series of failures in life. Take a look below:

Raquel Welch

In the 1960s she was a sex symbol as Raquel Tejada. In her tender age she was a sought-after beautiful pick-up girl. After moving to Dallas, Texas with her two children she opted for a modeling career and worked as a cocktail waitress too beside it. With hooking up she made good name. High-profile officials even paid for her services. She was featured on Playboy cover in 1979. After finding success in Hollywood she left her hooking service.


Russell Brand

The comedic actor who mingled with A-List celebrities was sexually abused as a child. As a teen the husband of Katy Perry was also bulimic. At the age of 16 he worked as a girl-satisfying-item in Hong Kong. In one of his interviews Russell Brand disclosed he had picked up sex to afford his drugs.


Denise Richards

She is well known as a sexual temptress. In the 1990s she graced the small screens as well as movie with explosive roles. She even rose to the status of “Bond Girl” and married Charlie Sheen. Before taking an entry to the limelight world, Denise Richards worked as a high-end hook up service provider for Heidi Fleiss. She used to capitalize on her relationships with clients and Sheen was her one of the best customers. After breaking into Hollywood she left the satisfying business.


Marilyn Monroe

Born as Norma Jean Mortenson, the blonde bombshell, actress and singer was a pin-up girl and sex symbol before hitting the limelight. At the age of just twenty she sang “Happy Birthday” to US President Kennedy. She landed with a modeling contract at the tender age with Blue Book Modeling Agency and later moved on to acting. In 1949 she surprised everyone by posing nude for just $50 for photographer Tom Kelley. It was also reported then Marilyn Monroe used to hang out with rich businessmen and her price was up to $500 a day.


Brad Pitt

The A-list actor stepped into Hollywood with only a hundred bucks and good hope to get into movie business. The Missouri boy had good looks and was equipped with a suave attitude too. However, he couldn’t break big but had a job as houseboy of a gay soap star Thom Racina. He used to clean pool, walk the dog ran errands and many more for room and board.


Al Pacino

Legendry actor Al Pacino had to work the streets before he became household name for his role as Tony Montana in Scarface and Michael Corleone in The Godfather. The thoughts of pick-up boy were cemented. During the struggle time he was homeless and earning meal was tough. At the age of 20 he survived by selling his own body. In return of sex an older woman traded him housing and food in Sicily, Italy.


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