10 Discontinued McDonald’s Items That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

They ain’t lying when they say love never lasts. Trust me when I say love hurts, cause I’ve been burned… more than once. I’m sure many of you agree, m’right ladies? But contrary to normalcy, the source of my hurt and disappointments come from a rather unusual type of male… Mickey D’s.
That’s right, imagine the tragedy when one day I cruise down the drive-through to find that the food that I love so much, the particular menu items that satisfy my taste buds perfectly are suddenly gone without notice. Oh, the horror!

That’s why we are taking a look back at 10 of those items that are sadly with us no more… may they rest in peace.

Chicken Selects

Starting this list of are the chicken selects. These crispy strips of tender, boneless meat was my number one choice every time I rolled into that drive through. The sound of my heart breaking when I found out these were no more was as loud as the crunch used to be as I bit into it.


McDonald’s should have stuck to what they did best instead of trying to compete with the pizza giants that were already well established. In the late 80’s, they tested a pizza menu which offered various sizes and toppings. Ultimately, it failed, never being able to make it past the regional-tasting stage, due to the inauthenticity of taste and the comparatively higher prices.

Fish McBites

Inspired by their big brother, the Filet-O-Fish, these were introduced as a seasonal item during Lent, but continued to stay on the menu for a bit longer due to their popularity. They may have just been fish fingers, but they sure packed a punch! And then they left me in the cold again when they too went extinct.

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