10 Discontinued McDonald’s Items That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

They ain’t lying when they say love never lasts. Trust me when I say love hurts, cause I’ve been burned… more than once. I’m sure many of you agree, m’right ladies? But contrary to normalcy, the source of my hurt and disappointments come from a rather unusual type of male… Mickey D’s.
That’s right, imagine the tragedy when one day I cruise down the drive-through to find that the food that I love so much, the particular menu items that satisfy my taste buds perfectly are suddenly gone without notice. Oh, the horror!

That’s why we are taking a look back at 10 of those items that are sadly with us no more… may they rest in peace.

Chicken Selects

Starting this list of are the chicken selects. These crispy strips of tender, boneless meat was my number one choice every time I rolled into that drive through. The sound of my heart breaking when I found out these were no more was as loud as the crunch used to be as I bit into it.


McDonald’s should have stuck to what they did best instead of trying to compete with the pizza giants that were already well established. In the late 80’s, they tested a pizza menu which offered various sizes and toppings. Ultimately, it failed, never being able to make it past the regional-tasting stage, due to the inauthenticity of taste and the comparatively higher prices.

Fish McBites

Inspired by their big brother, the Filet-O-Fish, these were introduced as a seasonal item during Lent, but continued to stay on the menu for a bit longer due to their popularity. They may have just been fish fingers, but they sure packed a punch! And then they left me in the cold again when they too went extinct.

McSalad Shakers

These salads-in-a-drinking-cup were the perfect choice for those health nuts who were looking for a meal on the go. Although they were wildly successful in the first few months of their introduction, they soon tanked, because, well – you don’t see too many health nuts lining up at Mc Donald’s!

Super Size

McDonald’s ran a popular ad campaign, and who doesn’t remember that fervent voice asking, “Would you like to supersize that?” The option to supersize gave many the option to get more food for not much more money. But it’s downfall was preceded by the Documentary, Supersize Me, which came as sort of a revelation to people. This being the era of health-conscious people, the supersize did not last long. But, it would still have been nice to have the choice on those days that a regular meal just wasn’t enough!


Mickey D’s took another shot at Italian food with their McSpaghetti. The options included spaghetti, fettuccini Alfredo, and lasagna. But try as they might to boost their image as a diner, the failure of the McSpaghetti proved that it will always be the beloved fast food joint. Although I never got to try it, I still might get lucky if I were to go overseas, as it still lives on in a few other countries.

Onion McNuggets

Based on onions rings, but different enough to not be named ‘McOnion-Rings’, Onion Nuggets still never felt like the right name for these mini snacks. They were introduced in the late 70’s, but sadly also disappeared soon thereafter. Although, I’m told they still exist somewhere in the middle of Illinois – road trip, anyone?


The McDLT was the perfect answer to all your soggy-bun issues. It offered two separate vessels: one for the hot ingredients (patty, cheese, bun), and one for the cold (lettuce, tomato). Give the guy that came up with this a Nobel prize, seriously! Unfortunately, this didn’t last long as it took too much packaging, which was a cause for environmental worries.


This menu item was truly a revelation. Although it tasted great, and everybody seemed to agree, the main issue was that the marketing of this product didn’t seem to catch on. Unfortunately, many Americans found it difficult to associate hotdogs with McDonald’s and this item was eventually taken off the menu. You can still find it in a few other countries though, like Japan.

Arch Deluxe

Introduced in 1996, the Arche Deluxe was a product that attempted to shift the focus on McDonald’s to make it seem a bit more sophisticated. Made with ingredients of higher quality like peppered bacon, cherry tomatoes, and romaine lettuce, this burger was targeted towards ‘adults’. Although it was super delicious, the product didn’t manage to live long as it cost quite a bit more than McDonald’s regular items due to the premium quality of its ingredients.

So, there you go. Although, this doesn’t cover all the products that were discontinued by McDonald’s, let’s just say these were the ‘ones that got away’. Nevertheless, McDonald’s has managed to do all right, as they generate over 20 billion dollars per year, so they must be doing something right, right?

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