10 Discontinued McDonald’s Items That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

McSalad Shakers

These salads-in-a-drinking-cup were the perfect choice for those health nuts who were looking for a meal on the go. Although they were wildly successful in the first few months of their introduction, they soon tanked, because, well – you don’t see too many health nuts lining up at Mc Donald’s!

Super Size

McDonald’s ran a popular ad campaign, and who doesn’t remember that fervent voice asking, “Would you like to supersize that?” The option to supersize gave many the option to get more food for not much more money. But it’s downfall was preceded by the Documentary, Supersize Me, which came as sort of a revelation to people. This being the era of health-conscious people, the supersize did not last long. But, it would still have been nice to have the choice on those days that a regular meal just wasn’t enough!


Mickey D’s took another shot at Italian food with their McSpaghetti. The options included spaghetti, fettuccini Alfredo, and lasagna. But try as they might to boost their image as a diner, the failure of the McSpaghetti proved that it will always be the beloved fast food joint. Although I never got to try it, I still might get lucky if I were to go overseas, as it still lives on in a few other countries.

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