7 Anti-Aging Japanese Beauty Secrets To Look Young & Flawless Even After Your 50s

Getting older isn’t all bad, especially because with age comes much needed wisdom, a sense of peace and contentment. But aging also brings along several other not-so-positive side effects, especially in terms of your appearance. No one likes have wrinkles, blemishes, gray hair, etc. And did you know that the risk of skin cancer also increases as one grows older? Given this, it’s not really a surprise that the American cosmetic market is booming and is worth billions of dollars. You see advertisements left and right for creams and whatnot that swear they can turn back time. Unfortunately, most of these don’t actually work. So, why not take a different approach and learn something from one of the world’s most young-looking races – the Japanese? They are known for making people scratch their heads to guess how old they are. Sure, some of it can be attributed to genetics, but the Japanese are also masters at maintaining a youthful appearance. The two factors that contribute to the success of their ageless beauty are an oil-free diet, and an all-natural skincare routine. That’s right, none of those harsh creams, botox, injections, plastic surgery, etc., etc.! Read on to find out 7 natural anti-aging beauty secrets that the Japanese use on a daily basis.

1. Drink Green Tea

Skincare isn’t just about what you slather on your face. After all, you are what you eat, so a healthy diet is crucial in making sure your skin stays young and healthy. Green tea is one part of a Japanese diet that can do a lot of good for your body. Not only does it help lose weight – which makes you fit and appear more youthful in turn – it can even reduce your risk of cancer! More to the point, though, green tea aids in the protection of your skin from damaging UV rays. It can also help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, one of the biggest giveaways of age.

2. Eat More Seaweed

Seaweed is another regular feature of the Japanese diet. It provides a plethora of vitamins and minerals, from calcium and magnesium to vitamin K, iron, and folate. Not only are these great immune boosters and contribute to a balanced diet, they also benefit your skin a great deal. Seaweed also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can minimize swelling and redness. Making it a part of your regular diet can also help protect the skin from sun damage, including age-related spotting. The iodine present in seaweed helps rejuvenate skin and increase metabolism, which all contributes to a youthful appearance.

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